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Redeeming the Daily Essentials of a Happy & Healthy Life

Redeem Essentials is a comprehensive supplement line founded to promote optimal health, wellness, and balanced lifestyle with a product range including 12 distinct categories addressing a broad spectrum of needs. Redeem Essentials is the embodiment of quality, integrity, and dedication to wellbeing, as it offers a tailored, holistic approach to health through its vast selection of supplements.

What We Stand For

Quality Ingredients

We incorporate the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness.

You Are Worth It

You deserve to be happy and heathy and you are worthy of fully experiencing the way that you were designed to live.

Everyone, Everywhere

Everyone, everywhere is worthy of walking in resilience and we have a product for YOU!

Giving Back

10% of each Redeem Essentials purchase goes toward the Gospel through Matthew 10 International.

Shop By Benefit

Redeem Essentials is pleased to offer products in twelve distinct categories to support you wherever you are in your journey to health - shop our six most popular categories below.

Buy More, Save More!

Bundle three or more of your favorite products and SAVE 10% — make sure to use code "BUNDLE10" at checkout to receive your discount!

Tackle the Five Core Vulnerabilities

These five power-packed products aim to restore homeostasis, reduce cellular waste, rejuvenate the immune system, replenish the gut flora and rebalance the circadian rhythm.

Essential Health Kit

Essential Health Kit

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Essential Health Kit

Essential Health Kit

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Redeem Essentials Gives Back

10% of every Redeem Essentials purchase supports the ministry of Matthew 10 International. Shop now to support your healthy journey, as well as provide the funds to allow people across the world to experience spiritual and physical freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any additional resources to support me on my health journey?

Yes! To read more about Dr. Pete Sulack, the owner and founder of Redeem Essentials, and his health clinic Redeem Chiropractic, CLICK HERE. His passion is to help show people their worth and value by experiencing true health — resilience. He has online programs as well as free e-books to support your healthy journey.

I want to start incorporating supplements into my daily routine, but I am unsure where to start?

We recommend that every single person take Stress MAXX daily. Health begins when our body's chronic stress response ENDS, and Stress MAXX tackles the chronic stress response neurologically. After this, we recommend shopping by category — think of which area you'd like to improve your help (Sleep, Joint Health or Muscle Recovery, Overall Health) and start shopping there!

How much is shipping? And when can I expect my products to ship once I have ordered?

Enjoy free shipping for orders $75 or more! Otherwise, shipping is a flat rate of $6.99. If you place your order M-Th, then you can expect your Redeem Essentials product to be fulfilled the next business day. Products ordered on Friday typically ship the following Monday. Check out our Shipping Policy to read more!

Why does Redeem Essentials carry so many different products?

We want to be your one-stop-shop for supplements to support you on your health journey! Redeem Essentials aims to serve everyone, everywhere and we do this by providing a wide range and diverse selection of products. To make shopping easier, try shopping by Category at the top of the page!

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